Audio Release in Late 2015

I'm working on a new release, and sometime in late 2015 you will get to hear it. It'll be available digitally for sure, probably nearly immediately after it's ready (maybe October 2015?), but I'm also looking into some physical media options (e.g. vinyl) and potential labels to work with.

I'm also considering to perform all of the music from the album at a gig. Perhaps a release party of sorts. Some of it seems like it would be downright impossible to perform, but:

"It's not art unless it has the potential to be a disaster"

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Like my last release, I Am a Computer, this release is composed entirely with code using Tidal and the Haskell programming language. Imagine granule-coated bass music ground through destructive algorithms while time-traveling facing backwards during an escape burn from Saturn.

Much of the material was drawn from experiments I've posted at, so if you've been following my stuff there you may hear a familiar sound or two whenever you listen to this new stuff.


I'm using a variety of analog synthesizers for the first time on this release. I've never used hardware synths before, let alone anything analog, so this has been new territory for me and I've learned a lot.

I do have some specific opinions about the synths I've been using, but that'll be a post for a different day.

Given that I enjoy making music with code so much, sometimes I wonder why I don't explore the world of SuperCollider rather than use hardware synths. SuperCollider is a code-based environment for sound design and real-time synthesis. I think that I enjoy a balance; I like composing, arranging, and performing music with code but creating sounds without code.

Open Source!

Perhaps what I'm most excited about with this release is that I'm planning to release all of the source code and samples on Github as an open-source project under a Creative Commons license. As a live-coder, I'm already open about how my music is made during a live performance, so I think it's natural to make all of the source code available for a bunch of music created with code. Maybe the code will help someone else get better at Tidal, or maybe it will expose others to new ways of making music. I also wouldn't mind seeing a remix or two.

In order to release the audio under a CC license, I've also taken on the big challenge of producing 100% original audio for this release. I've used a lot of sample packs from other producers in the past, but not this time. I'm eager to let these new sounds out into the wild.

So, stay tuned in the next couple of months for a release. I'll post important info here when it's available, otherwise feel free to follow at facebook and twitter for more frequent updates.

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