Outlines Groove 10, In Situ Download

Hey everyone! Before 2019 closes, I want to share a couple of things: a recent release on the excellent Outlines label and a live recording download from my performance at In Situ.

Groove 10 on Outlines

I am very excited to be a part of the Outlines Groove series, and have produced two new tracks for their tenth release in the series. These two 9-minute tracks have the footwork flavor that is a signature of the Groove cassettes.

You can preview and purchase the digital album or cassette from the Outlines Bandcamp page:


Both cassette and digital feature artwork by Iwona Jarosz / Yes in Progress.

"The tenth groove begins a new series of cassettes dedicated to Algorave representatives. It's a music movement that tries to lift restrictions of the artist-software relationship and grant the former a greater impact on music creation. Thanks to the programming tools, the artist codes music in real time. The most important thing is not what he is doing at a given time (performative aspect), but how he is able to establish a relationship with the listener through the sounds that he (not the software) creates.

One of the representatives of Algorave is a sound artist and programmer, Mike Hodnick, known as Kindohm, who opens this series of grooves. Having been operating for almost a decade, with his numerous releases, he has been trying to create a bridge between complicated rhythms and greater accessibility of coded music."

Live Recording from In Situ

The In Situ festival in Minneapolis was fantastic! There were so many great and inspiring performances, and it was great to catch up with artists and friends.

🎁🎁🎁 As an end-of-year thank-you-for-your-support goodie, here's a recording of my live performance from In Situ: kindohm.in-situ.2019-12-07.mp3 🎁🎁🎁

The performance was a live manifestation of experiments on TidalCycles tempo "gear shifting" and elasticity.

See you in 2020!

Thank you so much for your musical support, and here's to a new year of sounds in 2020!

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